Monday, January 01, 2007

Ag classes offer new focus

An intersting story in this weeks AgriNews talks about the conversion of agriculture classes at Naperville HS into new subject areas as the town grew from a small rural town to a vibrant urban area. Many other high schools will need to consider the same option to keep students interested in agriculture.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – A group of suburban students building holiday
centerpieces or learning about garden plants might seem as far away from
agriculture education as you can get. But students at Naperville North High
School only need to look around on their way to school to see how they can use
the classes after they graduate.“If you live in an urban area, look around,”
John Bushman, agriscience teacher at Naperville North High School, said. “How
many landscapers do you have? How many lawn care people, floral shops?”

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