Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Energy One of the Focuses of Speech

President Bush just finished up giving the State of the Union address. He had several focuses in this speech including education, health care, Iraq and energy. Energy has been previously mentioned 7 times by the President in State of the Union speeches. This year he has proposed some very bold proposals about energy including:

President Bush Will Ask Congress And America's Scientists, Farmers,
Industry Leaders, And Entrepreneurs To Join Him In Pursuing The Goal Of Reducing U.S. Gasoline Usage By 20 Percent In The Next Ten Years – Twenty In
America Will Reach The President's Twenty In Ten Goal By:
Increasing The Supply Of Renewable And Alternative Fuels By Setting A Mandatory Fuels Standard To Require 35 Billion Gallons Of Renewable And Alternative Fuels In 2017 – Nearly Five Times The 2012 Target Now In Law. In 2017, this will displace
15 percent of projected annual gasoline use.
Reforming And Modernizing Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards For Cars And Extending The Current Light Truck Rule. In 2017, this will reduce projected annual gasoline use by up to 8.5 billion gallons, a further 5 percent reduction that, in combination with increasing the supply of renewable and alternative fuels, will bring the total reduction in projected annual gasoline use to 20 percent.
Congress Must Reform CAFE For Passenger Cars. The Administration has twice
increased CAFE standards for light trucks using an attribute-based method. An
attribute-based system (for example, a size-based system) reduces the risk that
vehicle safety is compromised, helps preserve consumer choice, and helps spread
the burden of compliance across all product lines and manufacturers. Congress
should authorize the Secretary of Transportation to apply the same kind of
attribute-based method to passenger cars.

The President's Plan Will Help
Confront Climate Change By Stopping The Projected Growth Of Carbon Dioxide
Emissions From Cars, Light Trucks, And SUVs Within 10 Years.
The President's Plan To Strengthen America's Energy Security Also Includes:
Stepping Up Domestic Oil Production In Environmentally Sensitive Ways
Doubling The Current Capacity Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) To 1.5 Billion Barrels By 2027. Doubling the SPR alone will provide approximately 97 days of net oil import protection, enhancing America's ability to respond to potential oil

Senator James Webb - D Virgiania gave the Democratic response talking about energy also amongst other topics:

Further, this is the seventh time the president has mentioned energy
independence in his State of the Union message, but for the first time this
exchange is taking place in a Congress led by the Democratic Party. We are
looking for affirmative solutions that will strengthen our nation by freeing us
from our dependence on foreign oil, and spurring a wave of entrepreneurial
growth in the form of alternate energy programs. We look forward to working with
the president and his party to bring about these changes.

Will Congress and the President finally get serious about getting us off foreign oil? This country has the capacity to change the mix of energy that we use. Energy is crucial for driving the American economy and as a society we are unlikely to significantly change our need for energy. We need a change in the portfolio of how energy is produced, we have great capacity in coal reserves, nuclear power and bioenergy.

Bioenergy can provide one of the solutions towards making this country energy independent. The American people need to pressure their leaders to take the necessary steps in ensuring this is part of a national energy policy.

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