Thursday, January 18, 2007

House Ag Committee - Bob Goodlatte

We continue our focus on ag policy makers with Bob Goodlatte - the ranking Republican on the House Ag Committee. Congressman Goodlatte represents the 6th Virginia Congressional District this is currently his eighth term in office. He just completed a term as Chair of the Ag committee that ended with the change of majority party in congress.

Congressman Goodlatte was responsible for introducing a resolution that is an aggressive approach to reducing America's depdency on foreign oil:

This resolution sets a goal of producing 25 percent of total energy
consumed in the U.S. on America’s farms, ranches, and forests by the year 2025.
This goal, also known as 25x’25, is a bold and ambitious goal, but one that I
believe is within reach. Increased development of renewable fuels opens new
markets for our nation’s producers and provides consumers with a safe,
sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and renewable source of energy. It also
will decrease our nation’s dependency on foreign oil thereby likely lessening
the negative effects of severe spikes in oil prices on consumers. We are fully
committed to making sure this goal becomes a reality by 2025.

Congressman Goodlatte has been awareded the "Friend of Farm Bureau" by the American Farm Bureau

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