Tuesday, January 09, 2007

John Deere now has Biodiesel information on their website

John Deere has developed an information page about biodiesel on their website.

John Deere has been an early advocate for biodiesel and continues to
actively support its use," says Don Borgman, director of agricultural
industry relations for John Deere. "We believe that supporting the use of 2
percent biodiesel (B2) is a logical first step for the industry until
challenges with production, quality and distribution are addressed.
"The biodiesel content on the Web site will help
provide farmers and others interested in biofuels with more detailed
information on this topic and John Deere's position on how these fuels can
most effectively produced and utilized as high-quality energy sources,"
Borgman adds.

They have produced a short video that explains some use of biodiesel and the affect on John Deere equipment.

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