Saturday, January 13, 2007

Winter Weather Affects California Citrus

Weather is always an important item to watch in relation to farming, drought, wind, hail, etc. can seriously damage a corn crop. But those farmers who grow citrus have to constantly watch for cool weather. California Citrus growers are battling right now with the anticipation of an incoming cold front.

In the San Joaquin Valley, growers in the middle of the citrus season are
firing up huge fans to circulate warm air in the fields and are planning
all-night vigils to monitor the health of nearly $1 billion worth of oranges,
tangerines and lemons. "Even a few degrees can mean the difference between
complete disaster and saving your crop," said Nick Hill, who grows oranges,
tangerines and lemons on 500 acres in Dinuba. Farmers in this mostly
agricultural region of California keep a close watch on the weather and try
everything to raise temperatures, even by just a few degrees.

Let's wish the California well in the battle with the cold.

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