Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CaseIH talks about BioDiesel

CaseIH corporation has issued some facts about biodiesel and how this product impacts CaseIH tractors and equipment:

Case IH fully supports the use of B5 blends on all engines it manufactures
for Case IH agricultural equipment as well as B20 in certain applications. Take
a look at the individual product sites on this Web site, or consult your Case IH
dealer to determine which blends are suitable for your equipment.
B5 blends must meet the requirements of U.S. standard ASTM6751 on the base
biodiesel stock or European standard EN14214. When using higher 20% blends,
certain handling and maintenance requirements come into play, and customers are
advised to speak with their dealers on specific issues.
Case IH is committed
to working with its partners to push toward higher-level biodiesel that will be
a compatible fuel source in future low-emissions compliant engines. Case IH has
initiated aggressive field tests to evaluate performance with 100% biodiesel.

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