Monday, February 12, 2007

Cattle Operation Considers Illinois Expansion

Robert Wood of Champaign Illinois is considering expanding his cattle feeding operation with a new facility near Potomac in Vermilion County, Illinois. There was recently a meeting with area residents about the project.
Maris Huls grew up in the livestock business, but she has questions about a
beef cattle operation that is set to be built near her property in Middlefork
"I think it's going to devalue my property," Huls said. "I agree
that agriculture and the beef industry has taken a hit, but I think there needs
to be some questions (answered)."
About 60 local residents and area leaders
turned out to hear more about the operation at a meeting Sunday afternoon.
Champaign grain farmer Robert Wood, a principal partner with Central Illinois
Feeders LLC, came to answer their questions.
Central Illinois Feeders plans
put a beef cattle operation on 94 acres northwest of Armstrong and west of
Illinois 49. The operation will occupy three acres and house a total of 2,400
heads of cattle in two confinement barns. The remaining land will be farmed.
Each barn will have a roof that shelters the animals and manure from the
weather. The buildings will contain dry bedding that will start a compost
process when mixed with the manure. The compost will be used as a fertilizer for
grain farming.
The cattle will not be in open lots and there will be no
manure storage lagoon. The operation will use wet distilled grain from ethanol
plants that are slated to be built in the East Central Illinois area.

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