Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Farmers turning to the internet for information

Chuck Zimmerman at Ag-Wired has a post on this AP wire story about the increased use of the internet in communications in farming.

From AgWired: My main takeaway from this story is still the fact that
farmers are going online to find the information they need and can’t get
anywhere else. Several things are at play here. To start with, farmers want
information now as in right now while they have the need. They don’t want to
wait and hope it shows up sometime in the future. Next up is the fact that the
internet allows them freedom of choice, their choice. They choose what they want
and when they want it. Finally, and this is the hard part for traditional
communicators to accept it seems to me, they are getting their information from
other farmers and people like yours truly who have adopted and promoted the use
of self publishing platforms like blogs and podcasts.

Much like any other business, the internet has become a vast resource of information, opinions and services. Sorting through all this information takes time, but can be valuable for the farm operator.

I'm not sure that the new media will completely ever replace the visit to the local coffee shop, but it does increase the speed and complexity to which information can be delivered and used by the farmer.

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