Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CRP Acres to be Released?

One might think with the price of corn that farmers would decide to plant corn on their CRP acres instead of re-enrolling them into the program. However the the vast majority chose to re-enroll. I think this speaks volumes about the concerns farmers and landowners have for the environment and conservation.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns on Thursday, announced new results of the
recent opportunity given to Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) participants to
re-enroll or extend their contracts, which are set to expire between 2007 and
2010. An estimated 23.9 million acres out of 28 million acres of eligible CRP
contracts are expected to be re-enrolled. An estimated 4.1 million acres in CRP
contracts will exit CRP between 2007 and 2010. Of the 4.1 million acres,
approximately 1.4 million acres are located in major corn producing states. "The
percentage of landowners choosing to remain in CRP is consistent with what we
have seen in the past, despite speculation that re-enrollment would drop
significantly due to high corn prices," said Johanns. "We are closely monitoring
interest in CRP re-enrollment, planting projections and demand for commodities
to determine the most appropriate future actions in administering the
Conservation Reserve Program," Johanns said.

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