Friday, March 02, 2007

Indiana Governor - Agriculture Still Important to Economy

This is refreshing to hear that important political leaders like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels still considers agriculture an important part of the economy. Others are starting to realize this, especially with the biofuels market coming on line.

Indiana’s focus on agriculture will continue to be central to the state’s economic strategy, Governor Mitch Daniels said Thursday, and among new initiatives, the state has issued a challenge to encourage commercial development of cellulosic fuel production technologies. The Governor was the keynote speaker Thursday evening at the USDA Outllok Forum in Arlington VA. “Others may be giving up on agriculture, but we’re not in Indiana. Ag is a pillar of our economic strategy,” said Daniels. “We believe, as a business matter, there is a big upside to agriculture.” Since early 2005, Indiana has come from behind to gain a significant share of corn-based ethanol production. Now, Daniels wants Indiana to lead the way in the next generation of biofuels initiatives.

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