Monday, April 23, 2007

Abraham Lincoln National Agricultural Awards

Farm Progress has announced on their website the creation of the Abraham Lincoln National Agriculture Awards. These awards are sponsored by The City of Decatur, Farm Progress Company, Richland Community College, Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and Progress City USA.

From the website:

The Abraham Lincoln National Agricultural Awards program is being established to promote Agriculture and its impact on the citizens of the world and to celebrate individuals (living), companies, businesses and educational institutions that have made significant contributions in this area. In addition, it showcases our 16th President who was involved with and focused on agriculture.

The following are the five award areas and how they link to President Lincoln’s life. The individuals, companies, businesses, organizations and education institutions recognized will exhibit exemplary leadership in these areas of concentration.

Abraham Lincoln Education Award
Abraham Lincoln Technology Award
Abraham Lincoln Agri-Business Award
Abraham Lincoln Agriculturalist Award
Abraham Lincoln Legislative Award

Here is the application

The awards will be given at the 2007 Farm Progress Show to be held August 28 - 30 at Decatur, Illinois.

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