Monday, April 02, 2007

Senator Chambliss Pushes for Trade Promotion and Food Aid

On the Senate side, Ranking Member Saxby Chambliss is pushing for Trade Promotion and Food Aid in the 2007 farm bill debate. He said "Trade has always been an essential part of agriculture policy and the future profitability of farmers and ranchers will continue to rely upon strong export markets,"

Senator Chambliss went further and said:

"We should continue to provide a strong level of support amid growing demands worldwide," said Sen. Chambliss. "I believe we can integrate high levels of flexibility while retaining the existing structure of food aid programs. More importantly, we should think creatively in order to respond to changing circumstances and to attack the fundamental roots of poverty around the world, while at the same time maintaining political support for these programs at home. Through the contribution of agricultural commodities, American farmers and ranchers participate and have a profound effect on the foreign policy of the United States."

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