Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wheat Damage Predicted

In east cental Illinois, I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of wheat acres planted last fall. Now with the very strange late winter, early spring weather we have had there is concern about the damage in the wheat crop. The warm weather in late March acclerated the growth and then with the April freeze, this has not helped the situation.

From Agriculture On-line:
"Easter 2007 was one to remember for wheat farmers from Kansas to Ohio. During the holiday weekend, Mother Nature brought freezing temperatures and snow to the middle portion of the country, much to the detriment of the wheat crop.
Now that more seasonable conditions have returned, farmers are just now getting a grasp on the extent of the Easter freeze. For some, this clarity is bringing disappointment, as indications this week in parts of Kansas are that the crop will have difficulty recovering.
"When that freeze came, it was just devastating," says Brookville, Kansas, wheat farmer Joe Kejr. "Not quite half of mine is in some form of laying down. The further on we go, with some of my wheat I thought would make it, the more question I have as far as how it's going to end up."

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Anonymous said...

As a large wheat producer in north central ks. scouting the wheat fields i am seeing massive areas of down wheat that will never recover and the wheat left standing is in various stages of plant injury the main tillers are dead the question now is how many secondary tillers are going to try to head and more important will they be sterile and bare any grain. then the next question will be to ask yourself if it does yield grain is less than 10 bu/p/a havesting thats a question only each producer can ask for instance forward price contracts,Seed wheat , or are you better off cutting your losses and going to an alternate crops the next few weeks and month ahead will settle that question once and for all and we as farmers know how disheartening mother nature can be