Friday, May 11, 2007

Illinois Corn Planting 72% Complete

From Illinois Farm Bureau:

Corn planting continued to make excellent progress last week after the slow start early in the spring, the Illinois Ag Statistics Service said. Warmer and drier conditions last week allowed farmers to make significant progress in the field.
Statewide, 72% of the corn crop has been planted, still behind last year's 83% but in line with the five-year average of 73%. Soybeans planted benefited from the improved conditions last week also. Soybeans planted are at 7%, compared to 13% for last year, and 15% for the five- year average.
Topsoil moisture was rated at 4% short, 77% adequate, and 19% surplus.
The wheat crop is still showing signs of significant damage in some areas. Some of the poorer wheat fields have been turned under and planted to other crops. Some alfalfa and clover fields were cut last week.

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