Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Specialty Crops Proposed to be included in Farm Bill

From the Nebraska Farmer:

The USDA farm bill proposals for specialty crops would allocate $5 billion
to benefit producers of fruits, vegetables, and other specialty crops. The funds
would focus on research, development, and trade, as Agriculture Secretary Mike
Johanns says specialty crop growers have not expressed an interest in the kind
of direct monetary support that many commodity crops receive. "We listened when
producers told us that farm policy should distribute support more equitably.
Specialty crops are now nearly equal in market value to program crops, yet these
producers receive no direct cash support," Johanns says. "Specialty crop
producers made it clear they don't want a cash subsidy, but they would like
additional support to address market promotion, sanitary and phytosanitary
issues, nutrition, and targeted research. Our proposals provide that support
with nearly $5 billion dollars worth of additional funding targeted toward
specialty crop growers." For more on USDA's farm bill proposals, visit usda.gov and click on "Farm Bill"
at the bottom of the page.

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