Monday, May 07, 2007

Springfield, IL area Ethanol Plant Problems

Illinois has about 50 different ethanol plants in some stage of planning/construction. It's doubtful these will all become reality because a variety of difficulties. The Springfield SJ-R outlines one such proposed plant near Waverly, Illinois.

A planned ethanol project near Waverly is waiting for a lawsuit filed by
residents who oppose the development to wind through court, according to Jay
Johnson, president of Johnson Grain of Waverly, and Reg Ankrom, project
developer for the ethanol plant.
"Obviously, until the zoning issue is
finalized, no one can begin construction, because it's being challenged," said
Springfield attorney Fred Benson, to whom both Johnson and Ankrom referred
questions last week.
Beyond that, the group isn't saying much. The case is
in the discovery phase, and Benson said no trial date has been scheduled. Both
Benson and Gordon Gates, a Springfield attorney representing the Waverly
opposition, declined to speculate on when the case might be resolved.

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