Wednesday, May 16, 2007

University of Illinois Beef Barn Being Moved

The historic University of Illinois beef barn is being dismantled and moved to Piatt County Illinois. It was recently purchased by the Piatt County Museum. The organization has goal of raising $2.8 million dollars to rebuild the barn and relocate their musuem.

From the Piatt County Museum website:

President James A. Cripe announced that the 60-by-87 foot historic barn built in 1917 will be moved to a three acre site across from the Monticello Railway Museum.
“We're very excited that things are finally coming about,” said Cripe. “We have been planning for a new facility for five years. This has been a slow, tedious process.”
The Piatt County Museum was the successful bidder for the UI beef barn when bids were opened Oct. 27, 2005. The museum bid $15,502, including $15,001 to the UI’s Foundation Preservation Fund and $501 to the UI.
“Our new museum building will not only fulfill the original desire of the museum’s originators to encourage and promote tourism, it will also establish the place where Piatt County’s historical heritage can be observed and appreciated — in this magnificent barn of our own,” said Cripe.
Once moved, rebuilt and renovated, the barn will hold the 41-year-old museum’s collections that are now in a downtown building about two blocks west of the square. Some of the artifacts include agricultural equipment and household items from early Piatt County history, civil war artifacts, clothing, quilts, dolls and Ray McIntire’s train collection.

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