Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ag Blogs Getting More Notice

American Farmer was mentioned yesterday in an article by DTN that was writing about various farm blogs and their increasing number. These blogs are increasingly being read by various people following agriculture related legislation.

Farm Bill Goes to the Blogs
06/20/07 09:26
By Chris Clayton, DTN
Staff Reporter
OMAHA (DTN) -- With the 2007 farm-bill debate getting red hot,
agriculture policy is receiving more attention from a broad array of bloggers.
While the farm bill pales in comparison to daily political topics such as
presidential candidates or the war in Iraq, there is no shortage of tidbits
about ag issues such as country-of-origin labeling, payment limits, food stamps,
conservation, the commodity safety net or the inner-workings of Capitol Hill.
Some ag-related blogs have constant updates throughout the day that are e-mailed
to an even wider audience.

Members of Congress and their staffers are
increasingly reading blogs as part of their daily media searches. A spokeswoman
for the House Agriculture Committee said staffers look at a variety of blogs
daily to draw from news sources. That information is shared with congressmen.
A spokeswoman for the Senate Agriculture Committee said blogs are absolutely
part of daily outreach and communications leading into the farm bill. Staff
search the internet periodically through the day for farm-bill news using
various search engines and blogspot engines. Some of the postings get passed
along to senators on the committee.

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