Thursday, June 28, 2007

Farm 21 an Alternative Farm Bill

Congressman Ron Kind has proposed his own version of the farm bill this past week. Congressman Kind is not on the Ag committee and is attempting to circumvent this committee with his proposal. The Blog for Rural America recently looked at this proposals and found some serious problems with it.

e know this is long, so right off the bat here’s the main points:
  • While FARM 21 would change the basic structure of farm programs, it does little in the way of making sure that farm program benefits flow to small and mid-size family farms (jump to more about this);
  • FARM 21 does not close the loopholes used to avoid farm program payment limits (jump to more about this);
  • FARM 21 shifts large amounts of money to conservation programs- a laudable goal- but invests most of that money into the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, which subsidizes enormous manure lagoons and the concentration of livestock production (jump to more about this);
  • FARM 21 places much-needed resources behind some rural economic development programs, but others receive inadequate amounts (jump to more about this);
  • FARM 21 does not include any crucial livestock market competition reforms;
  • Despite our criticisms, every farm bill proposal should receive equal consideration (jump to more about this).

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