Friday, June 01, 2007

House Ag Committee Member Johnson Advocates Safety Net

Congressman Tim Johnson R-IL 15, a member of the House Agriculture Committee recently held a town forum in Lexington at the Illinois State University farm, Illinois to talk with farmers and ISU professors about the upcoming farm bill. Johnson talked about the need for a safety net and his concerns for farmers in the 15th district.

The Bloomington Pantagraph has the coverage:

“We have to write the bill,” Johnson said. “There’s a number of aspects of this bill we will be address-ing. I’m going to do everything I can to advocate for the 15th District farmers.”

Farmers’ payments, trade and the federal budget are among top concerns for area farmers.

Largely as a result of demand for ethanol as fuel, farmers have been able to receive higher prices for corn. Soybean prices also have risen in recent months.

“Prices aren’t always going to be at the level they are now,” said Jim Reed, a corn and soybeans farmer from Monticello. “When they’re not, we need some kind of protection.”

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