Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Peterson Comments on Farm Bill

Congressman Colin Peterson recently visited Tifton Georgia to visit with area farmers about the progress of the farm bill. Congressman Peterson reported on the progress of the bill, saying it had been marked up 5 times and that bi-partisan efforts were underway in crafting the final version.

From the Moultrie Observer:

He also said that some will not be happy with the bill:

“We are trying to make everyone equally unhappy and maintain a safety net for farmers,” Peterson said. He said there was “no new money” and yet fruit and vegetable farmers wanted in. Peterson said he agreed they should be included, but said, “We haven’t figured out how to pay for all of this.”

Farmers also inquired about the possibility of including fruits and vegetables in the bill:

Peterson told the farmer, “I want to ask the fruit and vegetable farmers to stick with us and I hope we can find enough money.”
Peterson said there were 255,000 farmers with 10 acres or less.
“They are not real farmers,” he said. “They are city people.” Peterson talked about excluding them as a way of raising $2.4 billion. “This might be a way to raise money,” he said. “But it will cause some commotion.”

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