Thursday, June 28, 2007

Timing of Farm Bill could be an issue

Keith Good at has a post today about the timing of consideration of the farm bill in the Congress.

Reuters news reported yesterday that, “India and the United States pressed one another to watch out for poor countries’ interests in global trade talks, but struck a conciliatory note less than a week after acrimony erupted in the WTO’s Doha round…‘There has to be a convergence of respecting each other’s sensitivities,’ Indian Commerce Minister Kamal Nath said in a speech to the U.S.-India Business Council. ‘And I want to assure you from here, that Susan and I will find that convergence,’ Nath said, referring to U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab, who was with him on the panel.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Doha

I. Farm Bill

Peter Harriman, writing yesterday at the Argus Leader (South Dakota), reported that, “A delay in the U.S. Senate in marking up new Farm Bill proposals means neither the Senate nor House is likely to consider parameters of a bill in July, Sen. John Thune said Wednesday.

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