Thursday, July 05, 2007

Are Farmers to be Considered Potential Terrorist Threats?

In what might be the best example of government beauracracy gone crazy, the Department of Homeland Security is considering having individuals that use a large amount of propane undergo a background check. This will require the individual to pay a fee of up to $3,500 for the background check.

This is the most ridiculuos thing I have heard of in some time. Both of Iowa's Senators are not happy with this proposal.

As a longtime farmer, Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley said he quickly saw the
folly of new propane regulations proposed by the Department of Homeland

The proposal would list propane as a chemical of interest when kept
in quantities greater than 7,500 pounds, forcing a costly risk
Propane "is used by virtually every farmer to dry their grain or
heat their house ...," Grassley said. "Hopefully they just don't understand how
the new regulations would affect every farmer or even non farmer."
sent a letter to Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff about the matter,
and Iowa's other senator, Tom Harkin, said he would take similar steps soon. The
proposal also has drawn complaints from the National Grain and Feed Association
and the Grain Elevator and Processing Society.

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