Monday, July 16, 2007

Crop Conditions Vary Widely

Rain in east-central Illinois has been very abundant in my area, but other areas are dry and it is affecting the crops:

VERMILION COUNTY Depending on what part of the county they live in, local farmers are divided on their optimism for this year’s crop yields.

“Down in my part of the county, we definitely are dry,” said Allerton farmer David Downs.

Earlier this week, Downs said the area was in serious need of moisture. While some rain fell across parts of the county this week, there hasn’t been any sustained rainfall that would make a big difference for dry conditions.

Some parts of the state are getting nearly adequate rainfall, Downs said, while others are struggling.

“Some have all the rain they need and some do not,” he said.

But Downs said dryness this time of year can be typical, because significant subsoil moisture has been used by the crops.

Downs said much of his corn is finished pollinating, so the next important part of the crop’s life cycle is filling out the kernels.

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