Thursday, August 30, 2007

Farm Progress Show Wraps Up

The 2007 edition of the Farm Progress Show wrapped up today in Decatur, Illinois. The temperatures were much cooler and the crowd was strong. It was a great show with some outstanding exhibits and vendors. Amazing when the number of farms has grown smaller that this show is attracting more people every year.

Next year the 2008 show moves to Iowa.

Some Coverage from Today's Show:

Bloomington Pantagraph

If it wasn’t for the corn, beans and bib overalls, it would be easy to mistake the Monsanto tent complex for some kind of United Nations field meeting.

Wander into the seed company’s site at the Farm Progress Show and American English, in all its regional variations, becomes just one ingredient in an exotic polyglot cocktail overheard in snatches of Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Swedish, Romanian and Czech, to name just a few.

Entertaining dozens of visitors from more than 20 countries, St. Louis-based Monsanto is proof of the global reach of American agri-business companies who use the bustling Farm Progress Show as their international trade window.

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