Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Will the Illinois State Fair Open?

Illinois State Government is in a near melt-down status. As of now there is no state budget, which means that state cannot pay their bills. What does this mean to the Illinois State Fair, which is set to open later this week.

Chuck Hartke, the Illinois Director of Agriculture assured the public that the fair will open on time:

"It is our intention that the state fair will go on," Hartke said at a press conference. "I want to assure (vendors) that if they honor the contracts they have and do business with the state of Illinois, they will be paid as soon as a budget is passed."

Fair manager Amy Bliefnick echoed that confidence, saying, "We've been instructed by the governor's office to plan for the state fair. We're going to have a state fair."

One of the fair's food stand operators open on Thursday said he is not worried about the budget crisis shutting down the fair and keeping customers away.

"What happens is going to happen," said Bob Vose, a former Springfield City Council member. "But I've been around politics long enough. From what little bit I know, I'd say the fair is going (to go) on."

He has operated the Vose Fine Food and Drink stand, best known for its corn dogs, since 1969.

Down the road, three carpenters from Carpenters Local 16, working under contract with the Department of Agriculture to set up the music stage under the Corona tent, said that they weren't concerned about not getting paid or getting paid late.

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