Thursday, September 06, 2007

Area Farmers Begin Harvest

In the Coles County Illinois area, farmers have begun their corn harvest. This was brought on by early planting, hot weather and timely rains. Most say this is 2 weeks earlier than normal. Story from the Charleston Journal-Gazette Times Courier.

CHARLESTON — The early birds are hoping to beat the weather when it comes to harvesting grain this year.

Area farmers have begun harvesting corn in the last week, some saying it’s nearly two weeks earlier than usual.

The reasons: a hot summer and uncertainty about the weather in the coming weeks.

Alan Metzger started harvesting his corn on Friday, the earliest he has harvested in 15 years.

Metzger said he started planting corn April 20, the normal time, but the hot and often dry summer caused his corn to mature quickly. He said the rain that did fall on his fields between Charleston and Mattoon “were all at the right time” for his dry weather-resistant hybrid corn.

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