Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dennis Riggs - Farmer and Businessman

Photo by the News-Gazette
One of my favorite Champaign County Farmers is Dennis Riggs of Sidney, Illinois. Dennis is the ultimate entrepreneur. I have long admired his skills in doing just about anything. He is the owner of the Sidney Dairy Bar, an avid Jeep collector, farmer and salesman at Shelby Motors of Champaign.

The News-Gazette ran a story about Dennis today:

He farms, and he's been a leader introducing computer technology to farmers and rural residents. He runs the Sidney Dairy Bar, a business he purchased so his children would have work in the summer. He owns a computer repair business at Sidney, and he owns housing in the village. And Riggs sells Jeeps and Dodge trucks at Shelby Motors, Champaign.

"I only do things I like to do and represent products I'm proud of, whether it's homemade ice cream, vehicles or services," he said.

Riggs never intended to farm. At ABL High School – since merged into the Heritage district – he excelled at electronics, which he studied for a year after high school. But when his father retired in 1977, Riggs took over the family farm in Raymond Township.

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