Saturday, September 08, 2007

NY Times Blogs About Ethanol

There's lots of misinformation in this post, but interesting none the less:

So far, Americans haven’t really caught on to what is happening to the price of products such as soybean or corn-based foodstuffs. But that may change if and when this rush to all fuels allegedly more environmentally friendly affects the price of beer.

It could happen; Heineken, the brewery giant, said beer prices might have to be raised because so many crops are being planted and diverted to bio-fuel production that the supply of barley and hops is being reduced.

Also an article about this on the corn commentary blog:

Corn growers and ethanol supporters are really making their voices heard in comments to the misinformation about food, fuel and ethanol in the New York Times “Wheels” blog post “Ethanol and the Tortilla Tax.” This may have been a totally ignorant article to start with, but you have to be impressed with the forum this creates for debate.

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