Wednesday, November 07, 2007

House Overrides Veto on WRDA

The House has voted to override President Bush's veto of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). WRDA has long been a priority for American agriculture to modernize the lock and dam system on the Mississippi, Illinois and other midwestern rivers amongst places in the US.

The 361-54 House
was well more than the two-thirds necessary and exemplified the
popularity of the Army Corps of Engineers projects in the WRDA measure, as many
Republicans voted to override Bush for the first time in his presidency.
bill authorizes more than 900 projects and 100 studies and reports for
navigation, flood control and other issues overseen by the Army Corps. As much
as $7 billion would go to Louisiana for coastal restoration, hurricane
protection and other projects, while $2 billion would go to help restore the
Florida Everglades.
Bush did not oppose those projects, but thought the bill
was too expensive. He particularly objected to lawmakers producing a conference
report whose cost was $8 billion higher than the House-approved WRDA bill. The
House bill was more expensive than the $14 billion Senate-passed WRDA

The National Corn Growers approved of the veto:

Meanwhile, the National Corn Growers Association expressed elation about
the news on Tuesday night."This is great! We have worked so hard and so long to
get improvements on the Upper Mississippi River System authorized," said Ron
Litterer, president of the NCGA and a corn grower from Greene, Iowa. "We
especially want to thank the members and staff of the House Transportation and
Infrastructure Committee, who have worked so hard on this landmark

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