Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Continues to Cover Midwest

Ice is still a problem in the midwest today, including Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Nebraska. Thousands are without power and numerous schools and businesses are closed.

The National Weather Service posted ice and winter storm warnings Tuesday for parts of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois.
About an inch of ice was expected over parts of Iowa, followed by up to 5 inches of sleet and snow. "It's a pretty good ice-maker," said Frank Boksa, a weather service
forecaster. The waves of frozen rain left at least 18 dead in Oklahoma and Missouri, with 15 of them killed on slick highways. Officials in Kansas and Oklahoma declared states of emergency. Rain that started falling Monday evening was causing slushy conditions in the Kansas City metro area and farther south, where temperatures hovered around freezing.
"The predictions were pretty grim, and they're still not good at all," said Noelle Runyan, a weather service meteorologist. "With ice accumulations of more than half an inch, that could easily cause limbs to break, power lines to come down. It's going to be across a fairly wide area."

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