Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bush - Farm Bill still needs more Changes

President Bush is still insisting on fundamental changes to the farm bill before he will sign any legislation. One of the main hangups is the tax increases that were included in the House version to pay for agriculture programs. The President has threatened to veto the bill unless this provision and others are fixed.

Schafer said Bush strongly opposes a provision in the House and Senate farm bill that pays for larger public nutrition, biofuel and land stewardship programs. Congress said it gets the billions in new revenue by closing loopholes, but the administration said it amounts to tax increases.

House Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson has said that unless the House and Senate can come to an agreement on a new farm bill soon, supports for milk, cotton and grain would double from current rates as specified in a 1949 law. Peanuts, rice, sugar and soybeans are not guaranteed a safety net.

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