Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bush Vows to Veto Farm Bill

The farm bill hagling continues with President Bush vowing yesterday that he will veto the farm bill unless congress makes significant changes:

During a ceremony to swear in new Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer, President George W. Bush said on Wednesday that he'll veto the farm bill currently on its way from Congress to his desk if it doesn't meet his administration's criteria for "needed reforms. "It seems like to us it lacks reform, it spends too much money and raises taxes," Bush said Wednesday morning. "If Congress sends me legislation that raises taxes or [does] not make needed reforms, I'm going to veto it." Under current law, if a new farm bill is not approved and enacted by March 15, the farm program will lapse to the 1949 farm bill, one that's most notably lacking a soybean program and loan deficiency payments

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