Monday, March 10, 2008

Farm Bill Talks Continue

The farm bill has yet to be settled despite months of talking between the Senate, House and the Whitehouse. But there is still optimism that something final will come soon:

U. S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, DArk., said Thursday.

"We have been working diligently over the past couple of weeks to try and accommodate all the complaints, all the concerns, that the administration continues to bring to us about a farm bill. And we are getting closer. But it does create some doubt in some folks' minds - like mine: that they really don't even want a farm bill," Lincoln said.

Differences between the parties to the negotiations don't seem that great, but so far there has been no agreement, she said.

"The last two weeks we've been squabbling - which is amazing to me. We're spending $ 15 billion a month in Iraq. We just spent $ 150 billion in a surgical shot to the economy through a rebate check. And the administration wants to squabble over $ 4 billion over a five-year period, in terms of what they want to spend in reinvesting in rural America and in production agriculture, and what we want to spend in that incredible opportunity to stimulate the economy in rural America," she said.

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