Monday, March 31, 2008

Illinois Farmers to Plant More Soybeans

The USDA has released their spring planting report and Illinois is expected to follow the national trend in more soybean acres and fewer corn acres:

CHAMPAIGN (AP) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture expects Illinois farmers to plant less corn this spring and more soybeans, following a national trend.The USDA projects a 12.6 million-acre corn crop in Illinois, down five percent from last year's record 13.2 million. The soybean crop is expected to jump to 8.8 million acres, a seven percent increase over last year's 8.2 million.Overall, American farmers are expected to plant 86 million acres of corn, down eight percent, and 74.8 million acres of soybeans. That would be 18 percent more than last yearThe USDA says farmers are shifting land away from corn and into soybeans due to good soybean prices and higher corn-growing costs.

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