Tuesday, March 04, 2008

McCain will be the Republican Nominee

Arizona Senator John McCain will be the nominee for the Republican party. Senator McCain won the needed amount of delegates to secure the nomination. In regards to his agricultural policy, he has very little mention of it on his website. Tonight in his speech from Texas he did mention the need for alternative energy sources, but not specifically what this is. In 2007 he did apparently establish an agriculture advisory committee:

Senator John McCain said, "Farming and agriculture production is part of the backbone of our great country. As president, I will support addressing the larger needs of the farming community abiding by the same standards of common sense and fiscal restraint as demonstrated by our nation's hardworking families." McCain added, "My national advisory team will play a critical role in developing farm and agriculture policy as we continue to build support for my campaign across the country."


Bill Amick Amick Farms of South Carolina
Harry Bell Former South Carolina Farm Bureau President
Rick Johnson Former Michigan House Speaker and member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Farm Bureau
Ralph Klemme Former Chairman of the Iowa House Agriculture Committee
Wayne Mann President, New Hampshire Farm Bureau
John Putney Iowa State Senator and lifelong Farm owner and operator
Hugh Weathers South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture

McCain was also endorsed last month by former Agriculture Secretary John Block:

U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced that Secretary John Block has endorsed John McCain for president. Block served as President Reagan's Secretary of Agriculture from 1981-1986.

"In the six years that I served as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Agriculture, I knew John McCain as a loyal supporter of Ronald Reagan's policies," said Secretary Block. "John McCain is a tough budget 'hawk' who has stayed consistent with a strong conservative voting record. John McCain is a straight talker, and that is something we need more of in Washington."

John McCain thanked Secretary Block for his support, stating, "John Block was a leader in the Reagan Revolution and I am grateful for his support. He has dedicated his professional career to the fields of agriculture, food, and health and his counsel on these issues will be a great asset to our campaign."

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