Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake Hits Illinois

At 4:37 this morning an earthquake of 5.4 on the Richter scale hit southeastern Illinois and was felt in many adjacent states. I felt it for about 20 seconds and it did not damage anything here in east central Illinois. I spoke with some people who live a few miles from the center and they reported some things knocked off the walls and train at Belmont Illinois was derailed.

Here is information from the US Geological Survey.

The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: An earthquake occurred 35 km (20 miles) SW of Vincennes, Indiana and 205 km (125 miles) SW of INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana at 3:36 AM MDT, Apr 18, 2008 (4:36 AM CDT in Illinois). The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available. There have been no reports of damage.
The epicenter was near West Salem, Illinois:

West Salem is in Edwards County in southern Illinois, and dispatcher Lucas Griswold says the sheriff's department received several calls about the earthquake but only reports of minor damage and no injuries.

"Oh, yeah, I felt it. It was interesting," Griswold said. "A lot of shaking."

Some minor damage near the center:

Don Ile north of Albion reports one wall of his home was cracked. A West Salem woman reported a chandelier fell from her ceiling, crashing to the floor. Most residents report pictures being knocked off the walls and dishes cracked. Some power outages have been reported in parts of Wabash and Edwards County. Bricks were knocked off a few buildings in Albion and Bridgeport. No reports of injuries have been received. Allendale Fire Department personnel are now going house to house to make sure gas connections have not been broken.

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