Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Governor Suddenly Finds Money for Ag Programs

In the continuing game of extortion by playing chicken, the Illinois Governor suddenly found the money to release for University of Illinois Extension and Soil and Water Conservations Districts. Illinois has become the laughing stock of the nation as this administration has spent the last 6 years trying to figure out how to run the state while putting it in near bankruptcy.

Each year the administration picks a specific area of the budget to hold hostage and threaten to shut it down until lawmakers give into the Governor's whims. Last year he threatened to lay off all of the Illinois State Police and this year his target was 4-H and agriculture. What will it be next year? Who knows.

The administration has come under a serious cloud of controversy as of late as individuals connected to the Governor are under indictment or plead guilty for exchanging campaign contributions for jobs or contracts.

Now there is a serious push for passing a constitutional ammendment to allow voters to recall the Governor. This may pass this week.

What's next? With this administration selling Lincoln's Tomb probably isn't out of the question.

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