Friday, April 18, 2008

More Earthquake Coverage

Here are some more links regarding the earthquake that hit Southeastern Illinois near West Salem and Belmont areas:

Springfield Illinois State Journal Register
Dispatchers at Sangamon County 911 and local police departments received numerous phone calls from residents wondering what was going on or reporting someone was in their home.
Sangamon County Sheriff Neil Williamson said deputies have been scouring the county for signs of problems, but they have found no structural damage.
"Everything went pretty good exept for the 911 for about 10 minutes kind of crashed. But it wasn’t due to any structural damage or any phone lines going down, it was just they were overloaded by the number of calls that came in," Williamson said

Champaign Illinois News-Gazette:
"It woke me up this morning," said Larson, a geophysicist who monitors earthquakes at the Illinois State Geological Survey at the University of Illinois. "I knew it was a significant earthquake at some distance away.
"We've had reports of damage as far away as Louisville, bricks falling, that kind of thing," Larson said.
The last major earthquake to hit Illinois had an epicenter close to today's.

Southern Illinoisan - Carbondale:
State transportation officials launched an early morning review of bridges and roads in southeastern Illinois Friday following a 5.2 magnitude earthquake.As of 10 a.m., inspectors hadn't reported finding any damaged roadways, said Patti Thompson, spokeswoman for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.The teams began visual inspections of all bridges within a 50 mile radius of the quake, which was centered in Wabash County near the Indiana border.

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