Sunday, May 11, 2008

Corn Planting Off to Slow Start

Corn planting is later this year than the last several years thanks to a late winter and wet spring. Many farmers I have talked to in Champaign County have finished or are near finished. The last couple of days have brought more rain which will delay things even more. I haven't heard of many soybean fields being planted yet either. Our area is not alone in planting delays, many areas of Illinois are also behind in planting:

Farmer Harold Behling is usually done planting his corn by this time of year. But after a winter in which the ground was mostly covered with snow, followed by a rainy spring, his fields are too wet for heavy equipment — and that’s spelling big revenue losses for him and other farmers.

“Every rain puts us a little more behind,” said Behling, who farms some 600 acres in Caledonia.

He got his planter out this spring for the first time Tuesday, when he could only manage to plant about three acres.

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