Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flooding Info

The midwest continues to deal with serious flooding, here are some links about the flooding:

Pictures of flooding

Map of Flooding Areas

Farmers Express Frustration:

Van Antwerp listened to comments on the management of reservoirs, the weaknesses of the levees, drainage concerns, dredging behind the levees, flaws in the water level readings and the need for more sand.

He said he understood and explained the process and steps he would take to get their concerns to Congress. But the earliest money could be budgeted for such improvements would be 2010, he said.

Daryl Duesterhaus, a farmer who lost 650 acres, said he realizes Van Antwerp's hands are tied, but it was important to voice his concerns.

"Everyone here has lost something," he said. "We're just asking that you don't forget us. We just ask that we can do something to make sure this doesn't happen again."

Yet another landowner asked Van Antwerp to take his advice.

"Farmers are ready to farm as of April 1. We don't wait until June. This is not a hobby for us. We are prepared," he said. "If you approach (the flood) situation like the farmers approach their jobs ..."

Van Antwerp responded by saying how important the farmers were to the nation, and he wished he had better news, but there are no simple answers.

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