Thursday, June 12, 2008

John Deere in the Renewable Energy Business

While looking at the John Deere website today I noticed that JD has a new website dedicated to renewable energy. I have heard for sometime that JD has a very strong interest in this market area and is working on ways of how to become one of the players.

For starters it looks like they have entered the wind energy business. JD has provided several examples of where they have been involved with wind energy projects such as:

March 2008 Wege Wind Energy Farm by Steelcase

  • Steelcase Inc. becomes the first renewable energy credit purchaser to sponsor a wind farm in a project developed by John Deere Wind Energy
  • 10 MW
  • Panhandle, Texas

2008 Loess Hills Wind Farm

  • America's First 100% Wind Powered City
  • 5 MW
  • Rockport, Missouri
JD has quite a bit of information for prospective players in this market and this site is well worth the review if you are interested in seeing what they are doing in wind energy.

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