Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will Obama pick Veneman for Vice President

One of the more interesting rumors going around is that Democratic nominee Barak Obama is considering former Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman as his Vice Presidential choice. Veneman as the Ag Secretary in the first GW Bush administration and left after a lack luster performance in this job.

However, it does rule out the one name floated so far by his vice presidential selection committee: former Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman.

Veneman's a veteran corporate lobbyist who used her position to advance the interests of the agribusiness conglomerates with which she had been associated with before taking over the Department of Agriculture. Strike "integrity."

She's a lifelong Reagan Republican, who never broke with Bush on any issue of consequence. There is no evidence that she even attempted to pressure him to do the right thing on farm or food policy, let alone on the global trade issues to which she devoted most of her time as ag secretary. Strike "independence."

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