Saturday, August 09, 2008

EPA Tells Texas NO!

The EPA announced this week that they would not grant Texas' request for a temporary easing of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson made the announcement:

In a conference call with reporters yesterday, EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson said while "the agency recognizes that a number of factors have contributed to high corn, food, and fuel prices as a nation," it does not believe the renewable fuels requirement is "causing severe economic harm" to Texas.

The mandate, Johnson argued, "is strengthening our nation's energy security and supporting Americans' farming communities."

But Texas Governor Rick Perry strongly disagreed:

Perry, who spoke by phone with Johnson before the announcement, said he was "greatly disappointed with the EPA's inability to look past the good intentions of this policy to see the significant harm it is doing to farmers, ranchers and American households. For the EPA to assert that this federal mandate is not affecting food prices not only goes against common sense, but every American's grocery bill."

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