Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama picks Biden for VP

Barak Obama has chosen Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his pick for Vice Presidential nominee. Biden has been a Senator for 35 years. Here are some of his thoughts on agriculture from his Senate website:

The Farm Bill
Senator Biden supported the Farm Bill and believes that it is a responsible compromise.

Opening Domestic and Foreign Markets to Delaware Products
Senator Biden is one of the Senate’s leading proponents of the idea that the future of American agriculture lies in exports. In 2000, he voted to give Delaware’s farmers unprecedented access to China’s market of 1.2 billion consumers for U.S. farm products and services.

Supporting Agricultural Research and Education
In an effort to improve our lead in agricultural productivity and efficiency, research investment is necessary so that U.S. producers can continue to serve a global marketplace and meet the demands of a growing world population.

Funding the Farmland Protection Program
Senator Biden has been a long-time advocate of funding for the Farmland Protection Program. Under this system, landowners are encouraged to voluntarily convey the development rights of their land to the state while retaining the right to use the property for agriculture.

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