Tuesday, October 28, 2008

China Wrap-up

Made it home from China. It was a remarkable trip, especially seeing the growth of Beijing. At times there were tower crains as far as the eye could see. Everything is new and the locals are very proud of the changes they are seeing. All know that their quality of life has improved considerably.

One issue that I spoke with a few people about was food safety. Food safety in China has become a huge problem, especially in light of the melamine scare in milk. Over 50,000 people became sick because of the tainted milk product, especially young children. This has caused many Chinese to think very deeply about how safe their food supply is. One must consider that many of the locals are still eating foods produced by local farmers. I read one report that said of 10,000 food manufacturers, that most had 3 employees are less.

What this indicates to me is that getting a handle on quality of the Chinese food supply will be a challenge. The changes in lifestyle have come quickly to China and the regulations of a safe food supply haven't kept up. I did get the sense that the public was supportive of additional regulations, especially as the food industry continues to grow and mature.

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