Friday, October 17, 2008

Local Students Learn About Agriculture

3rd grade students at St. Joseph Elementary School in St. Joseph, Illinois recently visited a local Frito-Lay grain handling facility and with several local farmers to learn more about agriculture:

For the students, the highlight was the chance to ride in the combine or in the tractor that drives alongside, collecting the corn into a cart. Student Hunter Harris said the tractor ride was his favorite part of the day.

"I got pelted with corn husks that hit the glass of the tractor when the corn went around us. That was cool," Harris said...

Third-grader Karsyn Foster said she learned that "at Frito Lay, 70 semi-trucks of corn could fit in a big giant silo."

Bev Pridemore, who organized the field trip, said many of her students had never been to a farm, and the farming unit in their social studies book focuses on techniques used in California. She said she wanted the children to get a sense of what farming is like in their own local area.

Third-grader Zach Kietzman said, "I learned about farming and simple machines. And if the weather is nice, how farmers see if they can harvest during harvest season. I liked getting to ride on the big huge tractor, because I got to see how they worked."

Asked whether he would consider a career in farming, Kietzman said, "I'm thinking about it. I have some ideas.

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