Saturday, February 07, 2009

Are Walker Farms Growing Rice in Danville, Illinois?

I have visited the Danville, Illinois numerous times over the last year and have seen bountiful crops of corn and soybeans. But somehow the Rice farms in Vermilion County, I missed. According to the Environmental Working Group website, the Walker Farms of Danville, Illinois received $26,534 in 2007 direct payments from USDA for Rice.

There is of course no Rice grown in Danville or Vermilion County, Illinois, but somehow the Walkers managed to collect anyway. It is no wonder the public is so unsupportive of the most recent farm bills or farm welfare.

This was a part of the $497,823 received in 2007 in direct farm welfare payments from the US Taxpayers.


Prime Minister said...

What's your point? Are you saying that Walker Farms should not recieve subsidies on the land they farm with a rice base? Are the Walker's too rich for a subsidy? Or should farmers as a group not be subsidiezed? If the Walker's didn't accept subsidy payments and their neighbors did, they would operate at a major competitive disadvantage. Although their base of operatoin is Danville, Walker Farms must obviously farm ground in the south that has or is currently growing rice.

Anonymous said...

They have learned to manipulate and take advantage of the system as have many others.

Unfortunately current farm programs don't have a means test or a maximum amount to receive.

They have collected over $15 million in subsidies

The system was originally designed to assist the "family" farmer. Unfortunately because there is no upper limit to the amount that can be received, this is the abuse that happens.

There needs to be payment limitations put in place.

Prime Minister said...

Any system designed to discriminate between persons or entities based on a means test (in this case family farms) will eventually be breached.

Walker Farms could not compete with well subsidized so called family farms without being subsidized themselves.

By advocating such a system, you are willing to accept that elected and appoined officials in the Federal Government should have the power to plan for the best size of farm business or the best structure of farm business.

I reject such an idea. To advocate it is to give up freedom. To advocate it is to advocate central planning. The market, when left to itself, has all the mechanisms to discover the best size and structure of a business.

The Federal Government should exercise equal policy to all farm businesses. And policies should be rather limited in size and scope.

Anonymous said...

Walker has a large land base in Louisiana as well as Illinois and Indiana. Yhat is where the rice base comes from.