Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John Deere Reorganizes Some Divisions

John Deere announced today that they were combining some of their business units in order to more effectively compete in this tough economy:

Deere & Company today announced a new global operating model that will combine the technology, expertise, experience, channels and investments of the Worldwide Agricultural Equipment Division and the Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division into a single unit called the Worldwide Agriculture and Turf Division, effective May 1, 2009. Through the new operating model, this combined organization will be positioned to achieve the alignment and efficiency necessary to develop a more complete portfolio to meet worldwide customer needs – while reducing overall costs.

The new division's global operating model will leverage common processes, standards and resources to develop solutions more quickly. It is designed to enable the division to grow profitably across many geographic markets, increase its competitiveness, and achieve and sustain exceptional operating performance – at all points in an economic cycle.

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