Friday, May 08, 2009

Collin Peterson Invokes Some Common Sense into Climate Debate

Finally! Some in Congress are finally starting to speak out about the EPA's crazy method for calculating the net effects of biofuels. Minnesota Congressman and House Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson was not pleased with the EPA's new rules yesterday:

"I'm off the train," Peterson said May 6 during a strongly worded statement at a hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency's new proposal for assessing indirect effects of ethanol production on greenhouse gas emissions. Peterson predicted that the EPA proposal, combined with the climate change legislation under consideration, could "kill off corn ethanol."

Peterson said, "I will not support any kind of climate change bill -- even if you fix this -- because I don't trust anybody anymore. I've had it."

Peterson said his position was not negotiable. "I don't have any confidence. The only way I would consider supporting any climate change legislation would be if it was ironclad that these agencies had no ability to do any rulemaking of any kind whatsoever ... (that) we could be absolutely guaranteed that these folks would not get involved," he said.

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